Moonshine Mist Ballet

Fairy mist wraithes
perform a midnight ballet
atop ebony waves,
their skirts a flutter.
Seeped in moonshine
their silent recital
sings peace for my soul,
gifts joy in my heart.


photograph by: Rob Harrington, Controlled Chaos


~ by Quilly on August 14, 2006.

5 Responses to “Moonshine Mist Ballet”

  1. Even the page LOOKS like poetry!!!! Preeettttyyyyyy

  2. wonderful stage you have set for you ballet, simply charming….

    Love the imagery, of a midnight ballet atop ebony waves……

  3. Thought-provoking. I like the poem – and it goes very well with the picture. Great job!

  4. I like both versions of this one, Quilly… but I almost think I like this reworked version better. Either way, it’s very good and goes great with my pic! Thanks for using it 🙂

  5. Rob, thank you for allowing me to use your pic! I am thinking about picking through your archives and choosing a few more to set to poem.

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