Lovely Lily

Golden Lily

Lovely Lily

lovely Lily
flower of death
scent of heaven
and angel’s breath

upon my chest
as here I lie
at peace at last
while mourners cry

soon to rest
beneath the earth
where I’ll assist
Spring’s new birth

poem originally posted on Brian Fowler‘s Blog
Truth is Freedom
July 20th, 2008
Photographer & Poet: Charlene L. Amsden

~ by Quilly on July 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lovely Lily”

  1. I love lillies. And your poem is stunning.

    Thanks for the link to “Real Magic”.

  2. Brian, you’re welcome. I get little traffic on this blog (you can tell by the lack of comments) so I don’t know the value of the link.

  3. another little gem.
    did iever thank you for your lovely poem under my butterfly haiga?
    i’m lagging behind with my replies… need a break,perhaps…

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