The Essence of You

Your eyes are as green as sweet summer grass,
And they sparkle and shine with charm and with sass.
Your hair is as golden as sunlight in June,
And shimmers like flame at both midnight and noon.
Your hands are as soft as a butterfly’s wing,
Your fingers look fine adorned with my ring.
I love you my dearest from your hair to shoelaces,
You are the ideal of all womanly graces.
I love your bright smile and your sweet ruby lips,
The curve of your waist and the flare of your hips.
I love the music in your giggle and the dance in your laugher.
You’re a flame in my heart. You’re the one I lust after.
My darling you’re perfection from your head to your ankle,
But you’ve one little flaw and it really does rankle.
The one part of you that is truly not sweet,
Is that jam ‘tween your toes and the smell of your feet!

By: Charlene L. Amsden
Writing Prompt #38 at Read~Write~Poem

Note: When I first read the prompt (smell), I was completely brain dead. I read it every day and came up with nothing. Then suddenly, Thursday night while suffering a horrid headache, my brain — independent of my will — began crafting verse. Unfortunately I am the “she” of the smelly feet (though I promise I wash them daily) and the poem is something a lover could have written to me. I kid you not, one winter as I was prying off my snow boots at my (now ex-) father-in-law’s door, he said, “If your feet stink, we’re putting you out on the back porch!”

~ by Quilly on August 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Essence of You”

  1. The cats love my stinky feet. 🙂

    ‘Could have written to you?’

    Paging O.C.! Paging O.C.!

  2. This is marvelously funny! Love the rollicking rhythm and rhyme. …Except for the lustfulness, I so want to read this to my preschooler! ;o)

  3. Brian — except that here in Hawaii I do not wear shoes! That makes a very sweet difference, you know!

    Durable Pigments — then you would probably like, How The Platypus Came To Be. Check my sidebar for the link.

  4. that is great fun, good use of rhythm and rhyme too – it would be a great performance piece!

  5. Nice and poignant – until the last line. Which is marvellous and pongnant 🙂

  6. oh, this is great… made me smile until it made me cringe 🙂

  7. Very funny and nicely written. I find it hard to rhyme poems. When I do I feel that I am not at my best. Great site and just love your “flower poems”


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