How the Platypus Came to Be

•May 4, 2008 • 6 Comments

“It is done”, God said,
“It’s time to take a rest.”
The angels marveled at the sun and stars,
Jesus liked the Earth the best.

God’s workshop was a jumble,
And Gabriel started to clean.
He found a pile of extra parts,
And caused some kind of scene.

“You know I can’t stand waste, Lord.
“You’ve got to use these bits,”
“Can’t be done,” God told him.
“Nothing left there fits.”

“You’re the Lord!” Said Gabriel,
“Ain’t nothing you can’t do.”
So God jammed the bits together,
And made the platypus and you.


poem originally posted on David McMahon’s
Author Blog,
May 5th, 2008
Poet: Charlene L. Amsden



•March 19, 2008 • Leave a Comment

One small grain of sand,
labored over and polished,
becomes a pearl.



•March 18, 2008 • 1 Comment


Aloha flower,
Ruby throated Hibiscus,
Sunshine on the vine.


Photographer: Charlene L. Amsden

Two Hours On A Bench: Scribbles As I Wait

•February 20, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Inside the Door

Brass, strings, woodwinds,
Follow the conductor,
Building music note by note.


Outside the Door

Alone I sit in a pool of light,
Night surrounds me,
A soft wind sighs.

Inside the conductor lifts his baton,
The orchestra plays,
And Trumpet Man blows his horn.



Inside music rises and falls,
starts and
Measures are played,
and played again,
and played again.
Outside the sun sinks pink,
flares and
My thoughts compose,
lines on paper,
lines on paper.



flutes skip,
trumpets cheer,
trombones stomp,
tubas plod,
tambourines shimmer,
violins hum,
drums bound,
sounds merge
music is made

~* * *~


Outside the music room,
The geckos and I listen;
Me on a bench,
Them on the ceiling.


Mt. Baker

•January 20, 2008 • 2 Comments


Adorned in ice, Mount Baker
Stares out to sea
With her head in the clouds.

Photographer: Charlene L. Amsden

Banyan Tree

•January 12, 2008 • 1 Comment
Cemetery Sentinel
Sentenced to life,
Guarding the dead.


photograph originally posted on
Just Another Day in … Paradise?,
January 7th, 2008
Photographer: Charlene L. Amsden

Day is Done

•January 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

As twilight approaches
the sun drops to the horizon
and sizzles.


photograph originally posted on
Oahu Dreams,
January 11th, 2008
Photographer: Charlene L. Amsden